Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost to build per sqft?

This question gets asked very frequently and its one of the hardest ones to answer. It’s all variable. And i generally answer with “well what are we building?” Everything depends on the design, the materials, the utilities, and the structure. Once we know what we are constructing we can put estimates to the building and work together on budgets.

How do we acquire permits to build?

Permits are all part of our process. Once we have completed the design concepts we go to work on creating drawings that are suitable for permit. We will apply for all permits and provide any required engineering to the townships.

We have good relationships with the local building departments and pride ourselves with working closely with them to satisfy all their requirements and regulations for permits and drawings.

What parts of the project do you manage?

Everything we say! We can help with everything from finding you the ideal property with a trusted realtor we have partnered with for years, the design and permit process, the build, the finish, the landscaping and the property management. We work with many trades that we have built strong relationships with over the years and we can handle every aspect of the project.